I’m job hunting, not looking for new friends

Yesterday I made a new friend. I met her on the bus. She told me her life story, and how afraid she is of dogs. Then she got off the bus. We travelled two stops together.

I don’t know what it is about me, but I do seem to attract “interesting” people. Who tell me their life stories. Long life stories, often involving a fear. Like the time years ago when I answered my telephone at home, and it was a wrong number. Ten minutes later, and another life story later – including the caller seriously telling me he didn’t like to answer wrong number calls, as he was afraid of contracting AIDS – the caller decided to try for the right number!

So, if only I could attract job offers with the same success as new friends!  Progress since I last wrote my blog, is that I have had two more job interviews and had two more “unfortunately unsuccessful” outcomes. If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told I’ve been unsuccessful, I wouldn’t need to be looking for a job now. And I could pay for my husband’s studies!

A few weeks ago, to take my mind off job-hunting, and to be able to see in front of me, I decided to go and have my hair done. I have found an exceedingly hip hairdresser in Soho – I can’t help feeling special as I walk through trendy Soho, stepping into a salon that is owned by a drop-dead gorgeous Australian, and having my hair done by a contagiously chirpy Spaniard. What a wonderful, uplifting experience – uplifted most of my current account too, but who’s counting? Sure beats job-hunting!

After my berry talented hair artist had transformed my do, I discovered that the online banking facility was offline, so I had to walk to the nearest pay point to draw cash (gasp – shock – horror! What? Pay with CASH?) That was another surreal experience for me – walking down Broadwick Road, past the most amazingly interesting shops – including a pop-up shop that offered “free ping-pong” – towards Carnaby Street. It’s such an iconic area of London, including places that I’ve read about so often in the past, conjuring up images of the Beatles, psychedelia, uber-fashion. And actually to be there … it was mind-blowing, really.

But back to reality … I continue the job hunt, keep at the keyboard, review job possibilities till they’re coming out of my ears, and move forward. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to study another person specification and match my suitability against all 35 criteria. And when I get that “congratulations, you were successful!” outcome; I only need one of those.

So, if you see me on the bus, or the tube, or the train, and you want to introduce yourself and tell me your life story, please offer me a job first.


One thought on “I’m job hunting, not looking for new friends

  1. We randomly came across that free ping-pong place on Saturday night, on a hen night. After doubles across those tiny tables, we ended up with six of us sat in a circle with a bat each and many, many orange and white ping-pong balls flying around between us. So much fun. I thoroughly recommend it 🙂

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