Cloudy in London today

So it’s Saturday again. Not that that means anything to me, really. To a job hunter, every day is the same. Filled with hope, opportunity and a balancing dose of absolute anxiety.

Here I am, sat at the laptop yet again, scouring cyberspace for that one job that’s going to change everything for me. For us. And keep us in London. No pressure.

If I send at least one application a day – or so – there is nothing much more I can do. Except pray.

As I stare out of the window of the flat, I have already seen two stripped-off Londoners walking along the street! And it’s not that warm today. One emerged from the shower block in the small dock we overlook, his hirsute frame clad only in a towel, wrapped around his waist. Another was walking along the street on the other side of the dock, shirt in hand. Eeeuw.

It’s so strange to think that we’re heading towards autumn in London. At this time of year, in South Africa where I come from, it’s rose-pruning time, some spring flowers are starting to show their heads, there’s an optimism and a gentle floral fragrance in the air, and the hope of warm weather and sunshine overwhelm us all, as we think about Christmas, end of year holidays, and plans for the new year. The hope of spring is quite overshadowed for me by the melancholy of the coming autumn in the north. Maybe it’s also how I’m feeling today.

Sunshine signing off for today!


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