In search of sunshine

I have a huge and hectic day today. One that requires all of you to  hold whichever part you do to bring me luck! I’m heading off to two corners of the Big Smoke, on the dreaded hunt, and I’m anxious and looking forward to this evening!

I was quite overwhelmed yesterday with the huge amount of interest in my blog! Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your comments – I’ll definitely make that topic a regular one – talking forrin!

I’ve also had a few of you put me on your blogroll – as soon as I learn how to drive this blog machine, I’ll return the favour. Thank you. And some requests for photos of London: the photo in my header is one I took one evening a few months ago.

My husband and I went to see an outdoor production of The Crucible at Regent’s Park in the north western part of central London, which was absolutely fabulous – on every level. An evening at the Regent’s Park Outdoor Theatre is a huge recommendation, should you ever visit London in the spring/summer. They run a series of wonderful productions.

It had been a grey and miserable day and had rained non-stop, pretty much until we got off the bus in Regent’s Park. The sun came out as we sat down to picnic in the park, and the rain stayed away for the whole evening. I took the photo as we picnicked. What a wonderful evening!

The photo captures Sunshine in London for me – finding a bright and beautiful moment in an otherwise grey day! I am hoping for a repeat performance today.

Sunshine signing off for now!


4 thoughts on “In search of sunshine

  1. Holding positive thoughts for you today. My legs are crossed as I write this comment. Wishing you all good things. Your story of going to Regents Park sounds like the evening my wife and I shared on September 1st. We went to an outdoor concert at the Portland Zoo. It had been raining, a lot, the day before and the day of the concert. I set the intention that it would be clear and dry by Wednsday evening. About 4 hours before the show start time, the sun came out, the air warmed up and it was a perfect evening. Oh, the concert? Cyndi Lauper!!!! She rocked! What a little firecracker.

  2. Thank you all for your kind and positive wishes for me for today. It really helped me through a gruelling day. The good news is that I am still breathing, and it’s the weekend! Otherwise, it’s in God’s hands and I will hear further next week. vampiregran – Cyndi Lauper – I’m so jealous! Sounds fabulous.

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