Capturing the moment – George Clooney style

So, would you say George Clooney is better looking in real life, or on the big screen? I reckon he’s pretty knock-out in real life. How do I know? Well, blush, now that you ask

It was something quite philosophical that made me think of George today. And something quite relevant to where I am at in my own journey right now. But for now, just bear with me.

Being a Saffa in London, and one who is quite easily star-struck (yes, true confessions, and I know it’s not that cool!) one evening soon after we arrived last year, we ventured into central London – Leicester Square to be exact – to watch the celebs arriving for the world, red carpet premiere of Fantastic Mr Fox. We got there just before the planned 5.30 start, and when we got there, we were kind of wandering around all gormless-like, and a security guy told us we had to stand in the “pen”! How funny. The “pen” is an area defined by metal railings that separates the fans from the stars.

Anyway, there we were – stood right next to the red carpet, waiting with cameras poised, to take photos of the big name celebs as they walked along the red carpet! George Clooney – who is the voice of Mr Fox in the movie – was the first one to arrive, and he was so amazing! I must say he was shorter and slighter than the screen persona, but pretty darn gorgeous in real life! He walked down the stairs to screeches and whistles, and my heart sank as he walked across to the other side of the red carpet. Ahhh no! We should have stood there.

All was not lost. After greeting fans all along the far side of the red carpet, he walked across to our side, greeting everyone and signing autographs. When he came close to me, he asked me how I was! I was about to tell him I was fine, loving the London experience after moving here from SA, and how cool it was to see him. Unfortunately, he’d already moved along. And it’s difficult to think straight when you have Alison Moyet’s, “I go weak in the presence of beauty” blasting forth in your head.

I got some great photos of him, but when he was RIGHT in front of me, I couldn’t do anything. My husband said he was wondering why I wasn’t taking a photo, and then saw my face – gaga. That’s how he said I looked. Mouth open, eyes glazed over. And totally gaga. I laughed so much when he told me that, but I have my own version of that moment!

Bill Murray was the next celeb to hit the red carpet – and he came over and shook hands with me. Other celebs, who sailed up the red carpet and occasionally waved from a distance, included Cindy Crawford, Jason Schwartzman, and Wes Anderson. Oops, I completely forgot to take photos of Cindy Crawford. I’m usually much more observant than my husband is, but I didn’t even notice her dress was split all the way up to her waist. Sorry!

We also saw Sir Ben Kingsley, who came over to sign autographs when the guy next to me called him. When Sir Ben walked across, nattily dressed and elegantly eloquent, the yobbo next to me said, “Sir Ben! Love your work! You sexy beast!”

So here’s the thing. And here’s my version of events. When George Clooney was walking along the red carpet in my general direction, I took a number of photographs of him. I took one when he was about this close to me. But when he stood in front of me, I thought I was going to lose the opportunity actually to see him because I was so busy taking photographs. I didn’t want to lose sight of the now. So I stopped, left my camera and took in the moment.

For today, I’m putting down my camera, focusing my eyes and myself on being truly present, and soaking in all that today has to offer. I don’t want to be so busy capturing the moment, that I forget how it looked. Or felt. Or too busy focusing on the future and how we’re going to stay in London, that I forget how it feels to live here. Now. Today.

Sunshine – and her best friend, George – signing off for today!


12 thoughts on “Capturing the moment – George Clooney style

  1. Hi Sunshine:

    You lucky girl! Love George (although I’d probably prefer Harrison Ford if I had a choice!). I’ve met a few celebs, mostly country stars through my ex-husband’s work as a radio personality. They’re usually quite nice…

    Sent a link to this to my friend Koreen (Winn’s Window) who just posted lamenting the fact that she had “failed” to document her son’s life in the last couple of years…seemed perfect for her!

    Have fun today!


    1. Harrison is great too! I haven’t met many celebs, hence my Saffa excitement at such opportunities! Glad the post seemed good for your friend – hope so.

      I have now added a blogroll to my blog, and have included you. Good to be connected!


  2. Writerwoman sent me… Thanks for posting this. It’s good to get a perspective from the other side… not everything has to be filmed to be remembered. Having said that, I understand the gaga… I spent 8 years in southern California and had my share of gaga moments with celebs out and about. I think I made Keifer Sutherland distinctly uncomfortable at lunch one day because I was just ogling him like crazy from another table in the restaurant, but I didn’t even see Jaclyn Smith and I literally bumped into her in a carpark! And no documentation of either (and many more) situations. And they’re probably even more special to me because of that. And so are all my special moments with my son.

  3. hi friend
    thanks for stopping by my place the other day…

    i was in italy this past june for a writer’s conference, and was steps away from george clooney’s villa! unfortunately, no clooney. 😦

    i hope you’ll consider joining me for imperfect prose on thursdays.

    peace to you,

  4. wonderful tale…at a john mayer concert once and he pulled a girl up on stage…she was busy fiddling with the camera to get a pic he told her she was going to miss the moment trying to capture it…that stuck with me….have a wonderful day and thanks for the reminder…

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