So, as I was saying …

One of the things I was so hoping to do yesterday was to include some photos of our weekend adventures in London. I don’t consider myself to be technically-challenged, but boy did I battle! And then I gave up. Here’s my attempt to get it right today. And by the way, is this a phlog?

Portobello Road Market after market after market!
Colourful houses, colourful people and colourful stalls
Signs of our times
The old and the new
I couldn't resist this random mural on a wall near Portobello Road
Autumn in Notting Hill - don't you just love it?

And then on the Sunday we went for a walk around our South East London neighbourhood. Here’s what we saw:

Our flat overlooks this dock
This little chap looked like he was walking on water!
The Thames at sunset, with Canary Wharf on the far side of the river.
In case you get caught with messy hair, especially near the Thames!
Now that's what I call a public toilet! With a river view.
In case you didn't know what to do!
And the sun sets over our neighbouring dock.

So there you have it! Thanks for travelling on this little journey with me. Tomorrow I will have words again.

Sunshine signing off for today!


16 thoughts on “So, as I was saying …

  1. Yay! At last, some photos. Thanks for putting these lovely snap shots up for the world to enjoy. You are a wonderful photographer. You mentioned struggling with WordPress and adding pictures to your blog. I am by no means a technical person, but I discovered having your pics on something like Fotki that you copy and link to your blog works great. Just sayin’.
    Have an awesome day, Miss sunshine!

    XO – Patty

  2. What an incredible phlog!–That gorgeous view from your flat and the tree on Notting Hill are just unreal.

    As an aside, I wonder how often Notting Hill residents have to hear that Julia-Roberts-to-Hugh-Grant line “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy” speech quoted back at them. My uneducated guess: 9 million times a year. Am I close? πŸ™‚

    Love the Sunshine mural!

  3. Oh I love the “Bag it” photo. Our friends across the pond truly know how to say it like it is. The sign we have here is laughable and so PC. Thanks once again for causing me to start looking for work for the hubs in London! πŸ™‚

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