Forwards, sideways and blogwards

We would really love to go home to Cape Town for Christmas. But last night, I said to my husband that if that isn’t going to be possible, maybe we should go up to visit his family in Scotland for Christmas. And then I said, “Imagine the blog I could write about that!”

Which reminded my husband of how much he had thought about me at university earlier this week. They had a lecture about confidentiality and the lecturer opened his presentation with a cartoon of a Catholic priest in a confessional box, listening to the distressed confessions of his congregant. The priest’s thought bubble read, “I’m so going to blog about this.”

I realised that that’s me! I know that I have always had a keen sense of the absurd and I do notice funny things that others might not. My family have often listened to my ridiculous stories and then said things like, “It could only happen to you.” I disagree. It could happen to anyone, anywhere, but I notice and remember! And I have a compulsion to tell everyone about it. (That’s a topic for another day!)

But that’s me. And somehow lately I have noticed that my blog radar scans the horizon and it beeps and zooms in on everything I see around me. It’s like I have a renewed sense of observation. I also find myself formulating my blog post in my head. Do you do that?

Which also got me thinking about my blog. It’s so freaking random! I know that I write, largely, about being a Saffa living in London. And about Saffa slang. Oh, and Zimbabwean slang. And music. And London. And my husband’s Scottish relatives. And about his Scottishness. Oh, and about job hunting. (Yawn.)

And then I realised that my blog reflects my life right now. It is not going the way I had expected. And the thought occurred to me that my life in London is a bit like my sister’s drag racing. Fast, for sure. Exciting? Of course. Fun? That goes without saying. But not what you would expect. Let me explain.

My sister is married to a champion drag racer. He is one fast dude. He has a rail that could make a grown man cry, and a collection of Chevies that is, well, embarrassingly awesome. With a passion such as this, it’s not surprising his family have all come alongside him. Well, to a certain extent. He and my sister and their son and daughter, have regularly taken part in drag races. Not in the fancy rails, but in street cars and on a straight 80 metre course at the racing track.

We went with them to some drag races in Cape Town when they visited us there on holiday. My brother-in-law’s sweet Chev Lumina caused a stir and he had men lining up to drool over his engine and say, “Please can I race against you?” Boys never grow up. Their toys just become more expensive.

My sister then told me about an experience she had had of drag racing in Zimbabwe. I will relate the story in Sunshine-speak.

My sister is one mean driver. And competitive to boot. It was her turn to race. Out of a dust storm of revving, her vehicle emerged to take its spot in the starting dock. She manoeuvred the car this way and that until she was in exactly the right spot. She eyed her competition with that look that I know so well. Eat my dust, she thought. She glared at her enemy and growled, and that drag racing music came up all around. Eye of the Tiger, I think. And then it all went into slow motion… she watched for the cue of the green light … the crowd grew anxious with anticipation … she revved once more and the light went green … this was her moment. GO!

She stepped on the gas and her car shot backwards. She managed to shift gear and finish the race in second place, but that was not what she had expected to do. It is easy to understand how it happened, and it is now one of my favourite racing stories. Ever.

The parallels with my life in London are just too obvious to mention. And I guess, along with that, goes my blog. I don’t always move forward. I turn down plenty of side streets. And I head off on a tangent when something catches my eye. I hope I don’t take you backwards, and I seriously don’t need to win. But thank you for coming along for the ride. I hope I take you to new and unusual places, that I don’t drive badly and make you carsick, and that the scenery is good.

Am I focused? Not so much. Am I bovvered? Not at all. Am I having fun? Hell, yeah. I really hope you are too!

Sunshine signing off for today!





21 thoughts on “Forwards, sideways and blogwards

  1. Oh, Sunshine…you and I are so much alike, it’s scary! I spend a lot of time thinking about my blog, and am constantly on the lookout for random moments that could be useful! And my blog is full of random stuff!

    Love the racing story! Every sibling dreams of having a story like that to tell!

    I can honestly say that your blog has never, ever, disappointed me…I can’t say that about everyone I subscribe to!


    1. Thank you so much, Wendy. Glad you look at life through your bloggles, too! It’s really quite fun!
      And thanks for your kind comments about my blog – compliments, indeed. Really. xx

  2. “My brother-in-law’s sweet Chev Lumina…” Yes! That is awesome.

    Listen, Sunshine, don’t you worry about taking the side streets. They’re the ones to notice. How many times have you–in real life–driven down a side road and thought, “How amazing is this? This is so much better than the main drag, and I almost missed it.”

    Who wants the straight path when you can have real, visceral experience? Your writing is so much richer for it. You’ll get there, and when you do, you can look back and said you got there the best and more interesting way.

  3. I just found your blog recently, and I can’t wait to keep reading. What an interesting life you have!

    I live in the US, and I’m so fascinated by anyone who doesn’t live in the US (or heck, doesn’t live on the East Coast of the US.)

    Keep up the great writing!

  4. Professional Drag Racer in the family? The hubs and his cronies would love to hang out with you. I love logging in and being a part of your ride! Keep dodging, speeding, slowing down, etc… I enjoy the ride.

  5. Hell, yeah I’m having fun reading your blog. I do love it. Always entertaining and a great mood enhancer when I’ve had a rough day.
    I blog in my head all the time. I think we all do. Ya know, I don’t even know how I found your blog, but I am sure glad I did. Thank you, Universe, for putting a little Sunshine in my life.
    XO Patty

  6. Hi – our lives are so different but our thoughts so similar. I am having such fun blogging, but worry that I am too involved with the blog – shirking some other resposibilty, but as a …here’s a tricky one …shall I say, as a retired At Home Mom? I’m really on top of all the task I’ve determined to be mine here in this two person household. I’m still “mommying” – but they are not at home. And I do want to blog the book project – Text Me, Love Mom – but I have already strayed. Wow – your sister is a race car driver!

    1. Isn’t she something quite special? And blogging is such fun – I’m still new to it, so I wonder if it will calm down in my mind, or not so much? It’s so much fun, whatever! I enjoy following your blog too! xx

  7. Blogs, like any kind of writing, have a way of just taking on a life of their own. At first, I had intended to write about being a Boomer. But then the trash truck came down the street. And then the cat barfed. And then I hated the IRS. And then I peed in my Spanx. And then….

  8. I love reading your blogs. I know what you mean about turning everything into a blog. The story of your sister going backwards was really funny. I feel like that alot!

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