All the leaves are brown and London is beautiful

This weekend time stood still. For an hour anyway. We turned our clocks back yesterday to end official UK summer time. I think I’m over the jet lag now, but all of yesterday I kept thinking, “This time yesterday, it was an hour later.” Confusing times indeed, for a Saffa in London.

The sun now sets earlier on these beautiful autumn days, and it feels like winter is truly calling.

We decided to continue our “exploring London” adventure over the weekend and went into east London to Victoria Park. Affectionately known as Vicky Park, it is described by as follows:

“One of London’s best kept secrets, Victoria Park is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon. The city’s first public park, it was opened in the East End in 1845 after a local MP presented Queen Victoria with a petition of 30,000 signatures. The aim was to make it a kind of Regent’s Park for the east and it originally had its own Speakers’ Corner. The landscape has changed little over the years, with countless varieties of trees adorning the skyline: oaks, horse chestnuts, cherries, hawthorns and even Kentucky coffee trees.”

We took the overground train to Shadwell and a bus to Bethnal Green and then we walked along a section of Regent’s Canal that lines Victoria Park’s western border. Regent’s Canal was built in 1812 to link the Grand Junction Canal’s Paddington arm with the Thames at Limehouse. It is eight miles long and it passes through Camden Town, King’s Cross and Mile End. It features three tunnels through which it runs underground, and is the only canal in London to pass underground. We thoroughly enjoyed the section of the Canal we walked along before going into the Park, and we will certainly make a day of walking the length of it.

These boats line the edge of the canal.
I loved this emergency kit on top of a boat on Regent's Canal.
A bridge over the River.
Water or wheels, whatever takes your fancy
I loved this boat's front door and welcome mat

We did, however, walk the length and breadth of Vicky Park, stopping for lunch at a cafe next to a beautiful little lake. The sun came and went, we got rained on but mostly we soaked in the rich autumn colours and the sights and sounds of a chilly autumn day in London.

A riot of colours in Autumn
Sunshine in the autumn rain
Coffee with a view
Outrageous autumn

The weekend started with a crazy, energetic session of Bollywood aerobics! Our latin aerobics instructor has left London, and that fun class has been replaced by another one led by a fabulous eastern European instructor. She led us through an hour of high-intensity cardio with Bollywood expression … head flicks to give you whiplash, eastern hands that could chop bricks and the Bollywood neck movement that is so hard to master. Our instructor gave us Bollywood homework – to brush our teeth by holding the toothbrush steady and not moving our hands! That way we can get used to the sideways and forwards/backwards movements with our necks! How funny is that? I will practise – you never know when Bollywood will call.

Sunshine signing off for today!


29 thoughts on “All the leaves are brown and London is beautiful

    1. Thanks, Renee! We have so much fun finding all these places – we haven’t been disappointed with one single ‘adventure’, not even when we’ve got lost! You’ll have to blog about your London trip – can’t wait!

  1. Thanks for another London travelogue…beautiful photos! Our time doesn’t go back to Atlantic Standard Time until next weekend…not looking forward to the days when I’ll be getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark!

    Love the Bollywood homework…hope you told Mr. Sunshine about it so that he won’t be disturbed when he sees you “practicing”!


    1. Thanks, Wendy. I find the clock-changing so weird, never having done it before in Africa at all. Yes, I did tell my husband about the Bollywood homework – he laughed so much!

  2. I know that park! I love the quiet off the beaten track kind of feel. I really enjoy your weekend adventures! Thanks for bringing me along 🙂

  3. Great pictures, Sunshine. Looks like another lovely weekend in London.

    As a Kentucky native, I also appreciated the reference to the Kentucky coffee trees! The name comes from the fact that pioneers used to roast the seeds as a substitute for coffee. By all accounts, the fake coffee tasted awful, and unless you roasted the seeds thoroughly, the stuff was pure poison.

      1. I love my camera – I’m no expert, but it does what I want it to! London is amazing – in fact the whole of the UK is amazing. It is such a small country and SO much happens here. All the time!

  4. Loved the pics and the trip through the park sounds lovely – I, too, enjoy crisp autumn days and it’s lovely to see the trees change, but the leaves are falling now and that tells me nasty old winter is right around the corner. We change our clocks next weekend – honestly it’s so annoying and I almost always forget at least one clock, usually the one in my car! 😉

  5. “A riot of colors” is right! Sunshine, these photos are gorgeous!

    I’m like you–I love that welcome mat in front of the tiny door. How qaint and odd and funny!

  6. Autumn leaves are always so rich and warm. Looks like it’s cooling down quickly there. I never get used to the daylight savings time thingy. Scott and I often forget and realise a day or so later um……
    Love the Bollywood toothbrush manooooovers. Will be trying that one when I next brush the pearly whites 🙂
    Love to you both from us both xx

  7. I love the colors of autumn. The sunsets we get at this time of year are also amazing! Your pictures are great. I like the one with the coffee cup by the water.

  8. Coffee with a view is my favorite! I wanted to transport myself right then. Just call me green with envy. Between you and another blogger, that is blogging about her stay in Paris, I am beside myself with longing to be across the pond!

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