The Office moves

So yesterday evening I went to my wonderful Zumba class at the gym. I had my blinkers firmly in place, because I thought, “I-can’t-blog-about-this-class-again-I-can’t-blog-about-this-class-again.” And then it happened.

Who would have guessed that there would be someone in my Zumba class who had the moves of The Office’s David Brent? More than this, I will not say. Big Blogger’s watching me.

Sunshine signing off for today!


21 thoughts on “The Office moves

  1. Oh, LOVE the old British versions of this show. Ricky Gervais is just so brilliant.

    I’m with Wendy. How you made it through class I’ll never know!

  2. I’m afraid, I would burst into hysterics every time. I think in pictures. Not possible to stick with the blinkers on …
    Thanks for the afternoon laugh. Missed reading early this morning. xx

  3. I remember that episode! Soooo embarassing! Thanks for the laugh! I had a boyfriend when I was in high school who was a horrible dancer. He was an even worse roller skater (hugging the rail horrible). He didn’t last long. but, to his credit, he really did “dance like no one was watching.”

    xo Patty

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