A question of laughter

I have always been both teased and extolled by my family for being observant. Not to put too fine a point on it, my family members have said that when I’m around, they cannot get away with anything. I notice everything. Partly true; I notice everything that makes me laugh.

This morning I went to gym to do two classes: a Pilates class followed by a Swiss ball (exercise ball) class. We have a fabulous instructor and she puts on two kick-ass classes, providing excellent instruction along with a good workout.

The Pilates class had just finished, and preparations began for the Swiss ball class. Not everyone who does Pilates does the Swiss ball class, and vice versa. People leave and people arrive. Those of us who stayed, got our big blue balls, took them to our spots and sat and bounced on them as we waited for the class to begin. There were a good ten people sitting, bouncing on their balls when a new face appeared at the door. She half-opened the door, looked at all of us, looked at all of us again and then said, “Is this the Swiss ball class?”

Given that there is no other class offered at the entire gym at that time, that question struck me as, well, kind of obvious. “Duh,” was the kindest response that sprung silently to my mind. The more gracious among us said, “Yes.”

Some years ago, I travelled up to Harare, in Zimbabwe, from my home in Bulawayo, to spend a weekend with my sister. We had a fabulous weekend together, and bid a tearful, hugging farewell at Harare airport, from where I was to take the 40 minute flight home.

I checked in, got my boarding card and made my way on to the aircraft as soon as boarding opened. I took my window seat and settled down to read the in-flight magazine and reflect on my weekend fun. A guy came to sit next to me. He fiddled and fidgeted around a bit before settling down next to me. I was then aware of him having a bit of a long look at me and then he asked, “Are you going to Bulawayo?”

“No, I’ve asked the pilot to let me jump over Gweru,” was the answer I would have given, but my bemusement left me with, “Yes.” It also occurred to me that he could brush up on his pick-up lines.

My favourite stating-the-obvious moment happened when my husband and I were on our honeymoon. We stayed in a small cottage on the coast in northern KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It was a small, simple, fishing cottage, owned by a friend’s father. The cottage had a small lawn in front of it, and in front of that was sand and sea for as far as the eye could see. A romantic hideaway indeed. We were entirely alone. (Apart from an unexpected and surprising visit from a Jehovah’s Witness on a Sunday morning!)

One day, we returned from a lovely walk on the beach and made ourselves a light lunch to enjoy outside with a good bottle of chilled, white wine. We languished on loungers and soaked in the warm, sea breeze and the joy of being newly-weds.

I leaned over to pour myself another drop of wine. I saw that my husband’s glass was also empty, so I looked adoringly into his eyes, and said, “Would you like some more wine?”

I have never let him forget his response: “Who, me?”

I guess my family members have a point when they say they can’t get away with anything when I’m around. But heck, it keeps the fun memories alive and isn’t it just great to laugh?

Sunshine signing off for today!


36 thoughts on “A question of laughter

  1. This remind of the time my sister called and ask me what I was doing. I just couldn’t help myself. I told her I was making out on the kitchen floor but decided to stop so I could talk to her! She hung up the phone.

    1. I think I would have hung up the phone too! haha! My brother’s favourite response to that question is, “I had to answer the phone because it was ringing.”
      Thanks for coming by.

  2. Aw. Mr. Sunshine’s response is adorable.

    I have to come to your airplane guy’s defense here. He was probably astonished that Lady Di would take a commercial flight to Bulawayo, rather than flying in the Royal Jet.

    Humor is a gift, and the ability to see humor in everything is almost a godsend. Keep it up, Sunshine. You know I’m a big fan of your view of the world!

  3. Things like going to a restuarant and being asked. “Can I help you?” I stopped at a fast food place early one morning (around 2.a.m.) an the counter person asked the same question. My response was I didn’t have anything better to do tonight and so I figured I’d stop by to see how you were doing”. Her manager broke out laughing.

  4. I wish you would have been in the room when I dressed for teaching one morning and wore my sweater inside out instead of my co-worker noticing half-way through the school day. Or the morning that I wore mismatched shoes to school. One blue, one black otherwise identical. Oops!

  5. Fun post, Sunshine!

    Whenever my kids ask me what I’m doing, my standard response is “Ironing.” Usually they’re standing right beside me, and it’s obvious what I’m doing (and I guarantee you, it will never be ironing!).


    1. That’s a great answer, Wendy! Some time back, when my husband saw my sister for the first time in a year or so, he asked her what she’d been doing. He meant in the past year; she thought he meant that afternoon, and her answer was, “Ironing.” She’s not been allowed to forget that either!
      Glad you enjoyed the post xx

  6. How did I miss this post?! Too much craziness around here I guess–

    At any rate, love it and love to laugh, as well! Here’s to Sunshine and laughter at the insanely obvious!


  7. I wish I could remember all the times Mr Beadz and I say funny things like that. We are renown for a good hearty laugh and mostly at ourselves. Picturing Mr Sunshine replying in a rather layed back “who me?” – just too funny!

    Thanks for another good read and laugh. Hugs from us to you both xx

  8. Lordamercy. You have the JW’s visiting you too. I keep telling them I’m a good Cromwell/American Puritan Presbyterian but they still want to save me when all I want to do is be saved from their nonsense. Ah, stating the obvious. My 87 year old Dad does it every day at supper. “Is that a baked potato?” “No Dad. It’s a friggin 747 just in from Toronto!” I made such a fool of myself and got great laughter from the line waiting for the bank to open. I walked in front of all those people and tried to open the door. Then it started: “Do you think none of us know how to open a door?” “If the door was unlocked, don’t you think we’d be inside?” “Does it look to you like we are standing here waiting for the bus?” But I was able to redeem myself because at that very moment the clerk unlocked the door and I could claim to have “magical powers” and we all laughed again, but this time not at me, but with me.

  9. Great post, as always, Sunshine!!
    I am that obvious person. My brain spends quite a lot of time on autopilot because most of it is usually taken up with a current obsession: right now its blogging… I am the one who goes up to the supermarket assistant and says, excuse me, can you tell me where the baked beans are, please? only to find they are right next to the assistant, and all it takes to locate them is a gracious sweep of the hand, spokesmodel style.

  10. Very funny post, and it put a smile on my face. What drives me nuts in when I’m checking out at the grocery store, and the check out person will ask, “Do you have everything?” um. no. I’m just going to leave these groceries here, while I go back and finish shopping. duh! Thanks for making me laugh!

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