I Blog. Therefore I Am

Apologies to Descartes. This post is in no way related to him. Nor in any way philosophical. (He was, but this post isn’t.) This is my contribution to blogging terminology. Not that I see myself as a post-er girl for blogging, it’s just that I love words and being silly. And not necessarily in that order.

This is my 100th post. I didn’t realise, when I pressed publish on that day in mid-August last year, what fun this blogging ride was going to be. I didn’t expect to be living my life out loud like this; I didn’t really know what to expect, but the friends and the support and the love I have encountered have been at the same time humbling and overwhelming. I’ve made wonderful friends, and I learn from your amazing writing every day and I recognise the depth of my passion for writing. And the act of writing every day has made me hungry to hone my skills.This is true community and I love it.

So, on to my post for today: my entries into the great, universal, blogging lexicon. A bloxicon, if you will:

  1. bloggard n one who boasts endlessly in her posts
  2. introblogger n one who thinks before she blogs
  3. extroblogger n one who blogs before she thinks
  4. blinge v to moan or whinge
  5. bligot n a blogging bigot
  6. blog envy n an overwhelming wish that you’d written the post you’ve just read
  7. flashblog n an event that drives readers to your post, for example, being Freshly Pressed
  8. blog-noser n one who compliments your writing because she wants something from you, for example, to steal your readers. See also blog envy.
  9. blogiarism n the act of stealing someone else’s post
  10. blogue n a post to avoid like the plague; could also mean a post about shoes
  11. blogotist n a blogger whose life and posts and comments revolve around her
  12. blaff v to spill your coffee or spurt milk out of your nose while you read a funny post
  13. blarf v to spill your coffee or spurt milk out of your nose while you read a disgusting post
  14. blibble v to allow saliva to spill from your mouth while reading a food post
  15. blingxiety n a fear that your blog may be too posh
  16. overblogging n the sharing of too much information
  17. blol n an acronym for “false laugh false laugh”
  18. blomb n a post that goes nowhere
  19. bloax n a fake post, or a post by a fake blogger
  20. hyperbloggilate v to use too much punctuation
  21. amblogilent adj to be in two minds about a post, or to be in two blogs at once
  22. bloring adj dull, unimaginative, usually refers to a post
  23. postitute n a blogger who will write anything to get comments
  24. bliyotch n a not very nice blogging female
  25. wannablog n someone who wishes they could blog
  26. blog-standard adj ordinary, common, everyday
  27. Bloghty n the country I blog from
  28. blong n bells and whistles you might attach to your blog
  29. bollogs n nonsense, rubbish. (Not to be confused with the dog’s bollogs, which can sometimes be used as a compliment.)
  30. writer’s blog n an affliction rendering you unable to think of what to post about next
  31. OCB n obsessive compulsive blogging; can manifest itself in many ways, for example the overwhelming need to post at the exact same time every day, or the need to ensure you use a word starting with each letter of the alphabet, in order, in every post
  32. blob n a post that does nothing, just sits there; a couch potato post
  33. blogged down adj to get side-tracked with too much detail
  34. bloggy-no-mates n a blog post with no comments. This is a sad word.
  35. ASBLOG n an order for posting social offensive material (derived from ASBO – a civil order , in use in the UK, made against someone displaying anti-social behaviour)
  36. blovvered adj what you are not, if someone leaves an unnecessarily nasty comment on your post. Example: Face? Blovvered? (Possibly originates from Catherine Tate, British comedienne.)
  37. BA n Bloggers Anonymous
  38. blingo n blog slang; could also mean a numbers game played via blog posts, but this is not very popular.
  39. colonoscopost n a post that, when you read it, makes you feel very uncomfortable
  40. beatblox v it’s a rap

I have used the feminine version of words and pronouns to avoid having to write he/she, which can get very boring.

I hope this has enlightened, edified and educated you today. If not, I hope it made you blaff. Please send me your additions – I’ve no doubt there are plenty of wonderful words to add to the bloxicon.

In the words of my favourite Cape Town comedian, Marc Lottering’s character, Aunty Merle, “Ooh, I can be so foolish.”

Sunshine signing off for today!



59 thoughts on “I Blog. Therefore I Am

  1. I like 23 best of all.

    blogorific…blogs that make you crave a nap
    blogorella….blogs written while dressed as a cave-girl
    blogolicious….the best kind
    blogorrhea…..not knowing when to shut up already
    blogitis…the need to inflame the blogosphere

    Still working on the day’s first coffee. Fun start to a cold, grey, rainy NY day. Thanks!

  2. I’m afraid I have blog envy today! This was a very clever post not to mention it gave me a good blaff. I’m leaving a comment because A) I love you and B) bloggy-no-mates is a very sad word indeed (I’m sure there will be many comments to follow). Hugs, Diane

  3. I blaffed and nearly blibbled when I read about postitutes and bliyoteches…Now where is the number for BA??

    Such a fun post Sunshine…I surely have blog envy. I wonder if there is a pill for that?

    A oblogitory- a blog you feel compelled to write, duty bound.

  4. Congrats 100th.
    blogucci – blog about handbags.
    blogpizza – favorite comments as toppings
    bullblog a real croaker
    blogparasite one who plays off another’s blog like I have done today but I can’t help it. You started it. Now this will will bring you a hundred hits today because everyone will be thinking of blogawords.

  5. Well done, my very clever blogshell (a beautiful blond who writes blogs)! I bet you two have had a good giggle over these! Love it, love you!

  6. These comments indeed offer brilliant additions to the bloxicon. I see a book here, Sunshine. You might want to get going with a proposal. This is all too funny–so much so that I don’t have anything myself to add other than to congratulate you on your 100th post and mention that I’ve got some blog envy going on here–unblogievable!
    Hugs from Haiti,

  7. Nicely done, Sunshine. You have a very blogacious mind (blogacious, meanning the ability to quickly identify the blogacity of seemingly random thoughts and events [blogacity, meaning a thought or event’s inherent blogginess]).

  8. This is so cool! 🙂 Hope you will publish this on a page so it doesn’t get lost, or make a permalink to your 100th post. I’m going to make this a blocon – shortcut to a favorite post. Ha-ha. I’m no good at this.

    Congrats on the 100th!

    1. Thanks, clouded marble – glad you enjoyed it! If I knew how to categorise all my posts, I would do what you suggest – I still consider myself a blookie (blog rookie) in that regard!
      I love blocon! xx

    2. I ‘Like’ all the posts that I want to save for repeat reads! That way they are saved in the ‘Read Posts I Like’ tab on your dashboard. I hope that helps!

      1. Thanks, Harsha – I do that. It’s categorising my own posts on my blog site so others can access them easily – that’s what I don’t know how to do. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, though xx

  9. What a brilliant post, Sunshine, I am a wannablog. I can so appreciate your beautiful words, and fine ideas, but I couldn’t string 2 thoughts together, coherently, if I tried. Thoroughly looking forward to the next 100 posts, you make my day. Best wishes from the desert

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon – that is such a wonderful thing to say. I think you undersell yourself – come on, start a blog! Yay!
      Hope you’re ok there in the desert – hugs from London xx

  10. Dear Sunshine!!! I truly blaffed and blaffed!!!
    I would like to think of myself as an introblogger, though I know there are times when I come out as a blogotist. I know, too, that I’ve had a lot of blombs and poor blobs. Sigh.
    Today I have blog envy!! 🙂
    Love your 100th post! Looking forward to the next 100.

  11. Congratulations on your 100th blog. It’s blogoriffic! I have blaffed and blibbled, and I’m sure I’m guilty of hyperbloggilating, but I’m trying to overcome that one. I’m also suffering from blog envy today. Your blogs always make me smile.

  12. Brilliant!! Definite blog envy happening and a strong urge to blogiarise!!
    Here’s one I thought of…blogendipity…n..the act of finding the perfect blog/post by chance 🙂

    Happy 100 and may you have many more!!
    Cheers, Harsha.

  13. LOVE IT. I promise I have blog-envy of you, but am not a blog-noser.

    I hope I am not a blogotist…but I wonder…aren’t we all blogging about things from our own life…I better give this some thought. Don’t give me writer’s blog sunshine!

    Have a great day and here’s to your next 100.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this – thanks for the comment! Yes, we do all blog about ourselves and our own lives; my idea of a blogotist would be one who has little regard for anyone else or anyone else’s opinions. I don’t know anyone who fits that category in blogland, but I’m sure they’re out there.
      Have a great day too! xx

  14. Great post! Made me green with blog envy, but then again, I always am blog envy when I visit your blog (good envy, not bad envy!!)
    Now I have to go back to the post and see what else I am…

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