Happy Feet

Next to laughter, dance is the best therapy. Every week I spend an hour dancing my troubles away. For that hour my stresses and disappointments and fears and anxieties disappear in the sweat and the swirl of the salsa and the cumbia and the bachata. The Zumba instructor tells us what to do. We just move.

I couldn’t wait for last night’s dance class. I got to the gym early in anticipation of the therapy session ahead. I wasn’t disappointed.

Our instructor taught us some new dances and used some new music. One song made my heart sing and the tears fly out from my eyes. In the stomping and shimmying, I heard the roar of the crowds, I felt the joy of victory and the sweet warmth of sunshine on my shoulder, the colour of the world in flags and smiles and hope and expectation and togetherness and the healing of a nation united. As I twirled I breathed in the excitement of the game and the despair of hopes dashed. And as my hips swayed to a familiar drumbeat, my heart leapt with imagining what it was like to be in my home country during the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010.

We danced to this:

“Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn.”
Terri Guillemets

Sunshine signing off for today!


34 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Your Zumba classes sound like so much fun. A friend just invited me to join her for Zumba on Saturday mornings. Your posts about dancing are inspiring me to give it a go. Happy Dancing, Diane

    1. Isn’t it a great song, SGM? Freshlyground, who feature in the song with Shakira, are a South African band, which makes me love the song even more!
      So glad you love dancing to that too – I’ll think of you next time!

  2. That’s awesome, Sunshine. I’m so glad you have a place to be so carefree. It’s amazing how exercise can wash away all the bad stuff for an hour. I wish you were in Columbus–I’d take you to my spin class. You’d absolutely love it.

  3. Love this Sunshine. To be free to dance with your feet and heart. I wish we had a Zumba class here. My daughters would find it rather odd if I was dancing on my own here at home. How fun! Blessings on your day, Jeanne

    1. Thanks, Jeanne – such freedom, it’s amazing! I don’t know that I would dance on my own either – although if I could shut myself off and close the curtains, then for sure no-one would be watching!

  4. what fun–what bliss–what abandon!
    and, I love that last quote you included–
    I was just thinking this morning that tomorrow, no matter what (mabye) I will (maybe) go take myself to the Friday drop in Yoga class (possibly.)
    (I mean…floors need mopping and toilets need cleaning)
    yes. I will go. (maybe)


    1. Isn’t that an amazing quote, jane? I loved it too. GO to the yoga class tomorrow, you must you must you must! It’ll give you better energy to mop and clean and whatever! And you’ll do it all quicker too! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this Sunshine. Cranked up the music an enjoyed it ALL. SO needed that with all the work stress and all. Sending love from afarrrrrrrr to you both xx

  6. I feel just the same way, Sunshine. Love that last quote. Must try a bit more dancing myself.
    Sorry I’ve been away a day or two: minor eye accident on Wednesday evening…nothing serious but I couldn’t see the keyboard.

  7. I’m running a little behind on my reading…

    I’ve always loved to dance, but don’t dance in any style that involves specific steps or movements. I may get a chance to try Zumba in the next few weeks…they’re doing a session as a fundraiser for Hope’s cheerleading soon.


    1. Oh, Wendy – I hope you’ll go and try Zumba at the fundraiser. It’s just so amazing and liberating – you’ll see! If you love to dance, you’ll LOVE Zumba. Seriously. xx

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