A New Viewpoint

So until I have the chance to write a decent post about this new chapter in my life, I’d like to show you the view I had as I feasted on my lunchtime sandwich next to the River Thames today. I do love London.

St Paul's Cathedral, with a glimpse of the London Millennium Footbridge in the foreground, a steel suspension bridge across the River Thames

Sunshine signing off for today!


43 thoughts on “A New Viewpoint

    1. I can’t take credit for the photo, jane – even though that’s what I was looking at yesterday, I didn’t take the pic. Iit’s the work of my darling husband. It is pretty awesome.

  1. On the banks of the Thames at the Tate Modern, near The Globe? Wonderful picture! Sunshine and black clouds and that beautiful dome! One of my favourite places but it must have been chilly, Sunshine…. have you found the community garden in an alley down the side of the Tate?

    Questions, questions….

    1. Exactly, Kate. Spot on. It was absolutely freezing – my face was so cold, I could barely move my jaws enough to chew on my sandwich! But I thought it was worth the suffering because that is such an awesome view.
      Yes, I did see the community garden yesterday – it was locked, but I’ll definitely go back when it’s open.
      We should meet there for coffee… πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic photo. One of the things I most love about London/Paris, the great cities, is the layering of texture, architecture and history. This also captures the light so beautifully.

    1. So true, bsb – it’s so fascinating to see ancient and modern alongside each other. The soon-to-be-tallest building in Europe is just down the road from where I work – all glass and angles – and it is just round the corner from the London Dungeon! The light was amazing when my husband took the photo …

  3. I visited England once and loved it. Seeing your photo reminds me why. Wish I had a view like that while eating my lunch. Can’t wait to hear about your new career!

    1. There are so many sights in London that constantly take my breath away, no matter how often I see them. This is one of them, and I know exactly what you’re saying. Thanks so much, Monica!

    1. Oh, Todd – you’re absolutely right. I think that’s why I mentioned what I was eating, because sitting looking at a view like that totally took away any sense of the ordinary!

    1. It is a great photo, isn’t it? My husband took it; the light is amazing.
      I love the old and the new in London – another thing that makes it such an interesting city.

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