The royal wee ‘uns

I know I don’t often write about fashion, but I thought I would share with you what we found on a recent outing to Greenwich. It’s what every trendy baby will be wearing today. Only.

Add a strawberry fascinator and voila! A future queen

Onesie is totally amused.

Sunshine signing off today!


31 thoughts on “The royal wee ‘uns

    1. Of what, Carl? Baby clothing? This was just a baby clothing shop, with a royal wedding outfit on sale – the Irish-inspired shirt had nothing to do with the wedding!

  1. Here in SA a lot of people will be following the wedding. I was listening to 5FM on the radio this morning, and even the male DJs were watching the build-up and talking about the fashions and trying to figure out who everybody was!

    Hope you are well.

    1. It’s a small herpes (hairpiece), feather arrangement or indeed a miniature satellite dish, disguised as a hat. 🙂
      I don’t really know how to describe it sensibly, Darlene! But Sarah Jessica Parker wears them sometimes, and there was an abundance of them worn to the royal wedding today.

  2. Give it five years …less, even… and those will be fetching a nice tidy sum 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed the day, Sunshine. Did you get out there into the thick of it or stay home watching telly?

    1. Very true, Kate – I forgot about that aspect of it! Maybe we’ll go back and buy one 🙂
      I enjoyed the day from the comfort of our sofa … I kept wishing I was there in the thick of it, and kept feeling glad that I wasn’t! The clash of FOMO (fear of missing out) and reality, I guess! How about you, Kate – did you watch it on TV?

  3. I saw a picture taken from behind of the Royal Newlyweds driving off in a convertible, and I thought, “How lame. He’s making her drive.” Then I remembered the thing about how steering wheels in the UK are on the wrong … on the opposite site of the car.

  4. YOu know that all my princess longs to be is a princess. A few days before teh wedding she asked me if there was really fairies? I told her that i was not sure, because i had never actually seen one….. then she asked if there were real princesses. I was so excited to be able to show her a prince and a princess a few days later. She was mesmorized. So were we. She now has her sights set!!!

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