The best is yet to be

She’s feisty and funny, gentle and bossy, kind and loving, generous and caring, scatty and awesome. She talks plenty and laughs even more.

We shared a room through our childhood and memories through forever. We travelled to boarding school together and sat and swung our little, hairy legs from hard benches as we waited in small, random airports in Africa. We’d climb into each other’s beds when the movie was too scary, or we were homesick, or the monster was about to climb out of the tissue box again or if we were just plain scared. We were best friends.

We shared a cigarette when she was ten and I was eight. We took advantage of the babysitter when all he wanted to do was lie on the couch and watch telly; we ran amok through the house and went to bed late and our parents never knew.

We moved from town to town and school to school and it was okay because we always had each other. We wore matching clothes and our patent leather shoes were always filled with mom-knitted cotton socks. We learnt to play the piano together and we trained for swimming in the same big swimming pools.

Ever longing for a career on the big stage, she wrote, produced and directed our early productions which she presented, with a flourish, in front of a packed lounge full of parents and visitors. All four members of the audience were riveted as Rapunzel let down her golden hair from the dizzy heights of the dining room table. She cast me in various productions as a tree and as Queen Victoria and as her production assistant and she always smiled as the dining room doors closed after another well-received ovation.

After school she started a career in nursing, and her carer heart has brought light and joy to everyone she looked after. She married young and has always been a loving and passionate mother to her children.

She’s fought for freedom and her big heart has broken when change hasn’t yet come. She’s spoken on big stages and small, sung at rallies and in meetings, stood by her principles and risked imprisonment for speaking the truth. She uses her beautiful voice for change.

She’s a mother and soon to be a grandmother, she’s a wife and a daughter, a much-loved aunt and an adored sibling.

She’s my big sister and it’s her birthday today. Happy birthday to you, my precious S. You’re one heck of a sister and I look forward to growing old with you.


22 thoughts on “The best is yet to be

  1. What a lovely tribute to your sis! She is so fortunate to have a wonderful sibling like you. My younger sister was the producer/director of all of our performances growing up. We had such fun. That was another lifetime ago.

    Happy Birthday, Sunshine’s Sister!

  2. A fabulous testimony to the bond between sisters. There is much love and adoration on both sides, I’d bet.
    I raise my glass to send your sister a cyber toast for her birthday. Cheers!

  3. Sisters are really the best friends as I have said over and over in my posts. I have an older and a younger sister and though we live in different continents, and couldn’t be further away from each other, we are very close. This sister love thing is unbreakable.
    Happy birthday to your fabulous sister Sunshine!

  4. Aw, shoot, Sunshine, you’ve gone and made me miss my sister! The sisterly relationship is truly special — we fought like cats and dogs when we were little, but we’ve grown up since then. It sounds as if you and your sis are very close. What a lovely birthday present you’ve given her with your words!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sister Sunshine. Sisters are the best. I always longed for an older sister to talk to but I was the oldest of six (2 sisters, 3 brothers) It can be lonely at the top……

    1. I can only imagine, Jeanne. I’m the youngest of four so I can’t relate at all to being at the top! What a big family you come from. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my sister.

  6. I’m a little late in passing on birthday wishes to you sister. (Your post got lost amongst all my emails! I really need to do some cleaning out in my email accounts! Hope she had a wonderful birthday. )

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