Cher delight

Have you ever had someone stand so close behind you that every time they move, their trapper-hat flap bangs on your head? And have you ever wrestled someone you’ve never met before? Or had bad thoughts about strangers that you wouldn’t dare write in your blog? I have. Last night.

My husband and I arranged to meet in Leicester Square for a certain film premiere event. We decided, because of the film that it was, that we would brave the cold, a bit of rain, the crowds, the stalkers, the hysteria and the mayhem. Perseverance and determination are formidable and necessary allies in a struggle such as we experienced last night.

We found a spot near the red carpet, took our places and tried – for the next hour or two – to stand firm. Hands, elbows, camera bags, hat flaps, bubble gum and phone cameras notwithstanding, we managed to keep breathing.

My sons played waterpolo at school and I was always amazed at the level of struggle that took place not only above water but below the surface. The key defender, who played in the “hole” near the opposition’s goal, would always jostle and do serious battle with his opposite number to gain domination of that spot. I felt like I was playing waterpolo on dry land last night. I did serious battle with a bubble-gum-chewing and bubble-blowing neighbour who insisted on elbowing me and pushing her way ahead of me. I tried to stand my ground and, at one stage, I heard her say to her friend, “I’m going to punch this lady.”

Thankfully she didn’t, nor I her. We all survived. And it was all for the sake of this:

For those who know me well, you will understand the value of this sight to my best friend in the whole world. The premiere was for the movie, “Burlesque”, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera and it starts in London on Friday.

Those were two hours of our lives we’ll clearly never get back, but – in hindsight – it was surely worth it.

Sunshine signing off for today!


35 thoughts on “Cher delight

  1. Wow, that is amazing!! I had the same experience at a concert for one of Europe’s most famous DJ’s, it was at a club on the Champs Elysees and these guys kept pushing me (I’m a pretty petite girl), which was incredibly rude. But I managed to get right up to the DJ booth and he ended up signing my concert ticket and looking me directly in the eyes, saying “Thank you”. I couldn’t believe it! It’s crazy how people go so nuts over stars, but Cher is truly worth it. Especially at such an incredible premiere – those two ladies are an indomitable force.

    1. I’m so glad you got the satisfaction of the autograph and the moment with the DJ. People can be really crazy …
      It’s definitely better to look back on those moments, rather than to live them, though – don’t you think?

  2. Oh how fun to be there. I remember my Dad watching the Sonny and Cher show when I was growing up and Mom sending us kids off to another room because they thought that Cher was too scantily clad for young eyes to see.

    I has a similar experience at the Santa Barbara marathon. We got there plenty early at the finish line to get a picture of my friend’s daughter when a guy behind us kept inching himself between us and the finishline until the point where we almost couldn’t get our picture.

    I did feel like punching him. He managed to talk my friend out of her camera so he could take a picture of his girlfriend because he forgot to grab the batteries for his camera. She almost didn’t get a picture of her daughter. I couldn’t believe his nerve.

  3. Glad you made it through without injury, Sunshine! I don’t like crowds on the best of days, and rude people in crowds are the absolute worst! I’ve stopped going to the Busker’s Festival in Saint John, because no matter where you are, some idiot will come and stand in front of you!

    I always loved Sonny and Cher’s variety show on TV…we watched it every week when I was a kid. I thought Cher was beautiful, but never realized what a bad singer she was until I was older!


    1. I might have some bruises – I forgot to check! I’m not mad about crowds at all, either – I tried to grin (not so much!) and bear it till Cher got there.
      I’ll pretend I didn’t see your comment about Cher’s singing … it would be imprudent of me to agree with you! haha! I thought she looked amazing last night xx

  4. LOL!
    How funny! That’s totally something I would do if I didn’t have a 4 year old. Although in retrospect, a 4 year old is a pretty good thing to have in those situations because he can do all the poking and elbowing and no one is going to punch him. Also, if he just “takes off” right toward the velvet rope, guess where I’d get to stand? That’s right! At the front! (I talk about this as though I have knowledge of how 4 year olds react is large crowds and stressful situations. Hmmmm….)
    I want to see that movie. I don’t say that about many movies. But I love both Cher and Christina Aguilera.
    Ahhhh, I miss the risky life of wrestling crowds! I sorta envy you the experience. 😉

  5. I know how much Mr Sunshine enjoys Cher! I always connect the 2 LOL!
    She’s doing her last show in Vegas this coming Feb. Pop on over? Xx

  6. Holy cow! You took that photo yourself? Worth it, indeed! How many people can say they stood that close to Cher? High five!

    I tell you, Sunshine, if that chick had tried to deck you, I think all of us here would band together, track her down, and let Karma do its work.

    1. Thank you for being my Karma team leader, Maura! hahaha!
      Neither of us can take credit for the photo – we found it online last night, but we were standing that close. All the shoving and jostling and arms and cameras in the way made our own photo attempts pretty pitiful! xx

  7. Speaking as a guy, I think Mr. Sunshine deserves a massive number of husband points for going with you to stand out in the cold and fight the crowd!

    Was this one of those premiers where people hand the stars mobile phones so they can talk to people who couldn’t be there?

  8. I’m looking forward to this movie, but I would not have been brave enough to endure such a crowd. Yay, you.

  9. OMG!! OMG!!! She is stunning!! And you are so lucky! Glad you didn’t have to get violent but if you had to…well that would have been OK 😉 I am so so envious of you right now…in a good way though 😛

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