Like Old Friends

We arranged to meet in Marylebone at 10h30 Saturday morning. I set off early from my home in south east London, caught the tube, fought my way through the thronging mass of tourists outside Madame Tussauds and walked down a quiet side street to our deli meeting place. The moment we met, we were instantly friends. Lovely to meet you, Renee from Life in the Boomerlane!

I walked down this street, which looked lovely in the crisp sunshine

Renee had flown in from DC to spend a week in London with her daughter. She said her daughter found it weird that two blogging buddies from opposite sides of the world were going to meet up for breakfast. I guess, if you put it like that, it was kind of weird. But, despite the fact that we had the novelty of communicating verbally – no laptops to hide behind – we talked like old friends. Nearly three hours went by at lightning speed.

We started off talking about writing and blogging and things we knew we had in common. It wasn’t long before we were talking about everything else and laughing and joking and pointing out interesting people in the deli! I guess that’s what we have in common. We love life, we love people, we love noticing things about others, and we love telling stories.

What a wonderful morning it was, what a lovely person you are, and such fun it was to meet you, Renee. See you next time you fly over this way and until then we’ll continue to chat in the cyber world. LOL.

Enjoying a little glimpse of London sunshine

Sunshine signing off for today!


50 thoughts on “Like Old Friends

  1. Wonderful! I’m so excited you two got to meet in person. When I read that Renee was headed to London, I secretly hoped you two had plans to get together. So glad to know two of my personal favorites got along so famously! Congrats on taking the very brave step of taking a friendship offline. Kudos to both of you!!!

  2. How wonderful that you could get together! I envy you both – London is my favorite city in the whole wide world!

  3. Hi there Sunshine,
    I have had the pleasure of meeting up with “cyberfriends” in person and it is great. I have met people online over 12 years ago (now that makes me so old!) and we are still friends – we have met in London, in Brazil, in NYC. It is one of the wonders of a globalized world I suppose.
    Cheers from Brazil,

    1. You’re right, Patricia. I guess the cyberworld is now just another place where we make friends, isn’t it? How lovely that you’ve met up with your cyberfriends all over the world.
      Cheers to you too there in Brazil!

  4. How WONDERFUL the two of you could ACTUALLY MEET!
    thanks for sharing a snippet of your day…
    you two are just beautiful.

  5. I’ve yet to meet any of my blogging buddies, but I hope to do so one day. Good for you for taking the opportunity to do so, and for finding out you had so much more in common than you first thought! 😀

  6. How exciting Sunshine! I was checking airfares once again…dreaming at this point in time but when it becomes a reality I’ll let you know. Jeanne

  7. Sunshine, you and Renee are two of my favorite blogging buddies, and I’m pea-green I couldn’t have met both of you in person, too! What a neat opportunity, and I’m thrilled y’all made it happen. Lovely photo — how kind of that stranger to capture your special memory!

  8. I’ve been telling EVERYONE about this! And, of course, my daughter thinks it’s really cool now that she knows you’re not an ax murderer. I had such a great time. And yes, the hours flew by. xxoo

  9. There are so many delightful people I have met since my blog started 7/31/10 and with whom I have shared things. I wish we all could take a retreat together someday. They are all people I would care very much to remain a part of my world. You two look great !

  10. I like to think of blogging like the Jane Austen version of pen pals. You’re both two lovely pen pals who got to continue their “dialogue” in person.

  11. We were discussing this exact topic on Saturday night, it truly is wonderful when blog friendships translate into our ‘real’ world. Happy for you both. xxx

  12. I love meeting bloggy buddies – remember several of my own meet-ups and they always are as if you’ve known each other forever. I long to visit London again some day – you never know…but for now Ohio keeps me and blogging eludes me. Someday…always someday… Cheers!

  13. I wonder how you can be absolutely certain someone is not an axe murderer in only three hours. If I were, I wouldn’t bring it up until the wee hours. In other news, that looks like a neighborhood I lived in in 1972. South Kensington?

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